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The Gym

We've got everything you need to get a killer workout. Members have 24 hour, 365 access to:

- Free weights: a variety of specialty barbells (Texas Power, Texas Squat and Deadlift, Rogue Ohio and Bella, Kabuki Transformer, EliteFTS Yoke, buffalo, EliteFTS camber, and axel), hex bar, two EZ bars, bumper plates, Rogue Monster squat rack w/band pegs, flat bench press, ab bench, and a set of 5-100 dumbbells

- Machines: Cable system, assisted dip/pullup, lat pulldown, high row, seated cable row, pendulum squat, leg press, vertical leg press, squat machine, leg extension, lying leg curl, seated leg curl, hip thrust, belt squat, Smith machine, hack squat, incline chest press, shoulder press, pec deck, upper back row, mid row, t-bar row, lateral raise, overhead triceps extension, crunch machine, and preacher curl

- Cardio: 3 treadmills, Octane elliptical, stairmaster, and spin bike

- Functional Fitness: 45 feet of padded turf, plyo box, TRX, and sled

We also have a fully stocked drink cooler, on site supplement shop, day use lockers, shower, and changing area.

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